Tesla adds more jobs to build its humanoid robot, hints at production in Texas

Tesla is adding more job postings related to building its humanoid robot: Tesla Bot.

One of the new postings even hints at production in Austin, Texas.

When Elon Musk announced plans for Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot equipped with artificial intelligence aimed at completing general boring tasks, it almost sounded like another one of his jokes.

But as we previously reported, it is a real project, and Tesla already started hiring for it with four new job listings related to the project last week.

Now Electrek has spotted new listings posted by Chris Walti, Tesla’s mobile robotics manager in charge of Tesla Bot:

All of the new positions are based in Palo Alto, where Tesla’s headquarters are located, aside from one job based in Austin.

Interestingly, the description of this job, “Test Engineer – Tesla Bot,” is the only one that mentions production:

“The test engineer will develop test processes, data infrastructure, test equipment, and automated test scripts that will accelerate the production of mobile robotics systems.”

While not a confirmation, it could hint at Tesla planning the production of Tesla Bot in Austin.

Tesla is already building Gigafactory Texas in Austin with planned production of the Model Y, Cybertruck, Tesla Semi, and battery cells.

The site of the factory is Tesla’s largest in the world and could accommodate a lot of expansions.

At the Tesla AI Day event, Musk said that the company is aiming to have a working prototype of the Tesla Bot next year, but he didn’t say when it would be available to buy.

Electrek‘s take

My best guess for Tesla Bot production would be Gigafactory Texas.

Tesla first bought 2,100 acres, more than for any other factories, to build the new plant and then it later purchased an extra 381-acre piece of land adjacent to the original one.

There’s going to be plenty of room for a lot of different projects, and based on Musk’s previous comments, it sounds like Tesla is going to make it an important hub.

Is it going to be the place where the robot uprising starts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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