Tesla suffers worldwide app server outage, owners can’t connect to their cars

Tesla is currently suffering from a nationwide (update: now worldwide) app server outage -resulting in owners not being able to connect to their cars.

Update: some functionally is now returning.

The Tesla mobile app is an important part of the Tesla ownership experience.

Phones are used as a key to unlock and start Tesla vehicles and Tesla owners can access a lot of controls through the mobile app.

Currently, Tesla owners in the US and Canada are experiencing a complete outage of the app connection.

Electrek received several reports from owners reporting the issue late in Friday afternoon and all 4 Tesla owners on staff couldn’t connect to their cars through the app – myself included:

If Tesla owners don’t disconnect from the app, they should still be able to use their phones as a key through the Bluetooth connection.

However, it is still safer to carry your keycard (or key fob if you have one).

This outage comes after Tesla pushed a new update to its mobile app earlier this week.

It added new features for owners, but it also added a lot of features for buyers to handle the buying and delivery experience.

A source familiar with the matter said that Tesla has been having issues with these new features for buyers that integrate into their own system.

Shortly after, Tesla is now experiencing a complete outage of its app server nationwide.

It’s not clear if the update is linked to this new outage.

Outages of Tesla’s systems are relatively rare, but there have been examples of significant ones in the past.

In September 2020, Tesla experienced a complete outage of both its customer-facing servers and internal system for several hours.

Update (6:00 pm ET): Tesla owners in European markets are now also reporting the same issues.

Update (6:10 pm ET): Tesla. owners in Asian markets are also reporting similar issues. It looks like the outage is worldwide.

Update (6:15 pm ET): Some vehicles seem to be affected differently. Model 3/Y appear to have more problem connecting the Model S/X.

Update (6:30 pm ET): it looks like some functionality is returning and while many still can’t see their cars updating in the app, the controls are still accessible.

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