2 Australians Miraculously Survive Several Days Without Water After Being Lost in Northern Territory Outback

Following several nights lacking water, 2 males were retrieved from isolated Australian desert.

Mahesh Patrick aged 14, and Shaun Emitja aged 21, got separated when their automobile went bogged in the Northern Territory outback near Arlparra and Harts Range.

The duo mysteriously disappeared on Monday upon failed to retreat to Hermannsburg, an Indigenous town 120 kilometers south-west of Alice Springs. They were located by authorities on Friday and Saturday after going for several days of fasting.

Great Southern Rail Celebrates 80 Years Of The Ghan

(Photo : Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)
ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – AUGUST 02: The Ghan winds it’s way through the outback north of the Finke river on August 2, 2009 in the Northern Territory, Australia. 

Authorities in Australia say it’s a “miracle” that a duo lived for many days lacking freshwater after being stranded in the Northern Territory desert.

According to cops, the duo’s automobile became stuck during a four-hour trip last Monday on way to a sporting events fair. After the failed effort to begin the automobile the next day, they left looking for freshwater.

Both thirsty and exhausted, but generally well, according to authorities.

Officials claimed Mahesh Patrick and Shaun Emitja traveled 5 kilometers to a hillside without realizing they had traveled in the wrong path and were subsequently excluded.

“They assumed they were traveling in a route that would take them near to the Sandover Highway,” a Northern Territory police spokesman said, referring to the region’s sole primary highway that runs north-south.

“When they got to the top of the hill, they realized it wasn’t the truth and traveled further 5 kilometers to the next hillside.”‘

They were reported missing after failing to return that day to Hermannsburg, an Aboriginal community 120km (75 miles) south-west of Alice Springs. The pair camped for a night at the hill, where police believe they found a water source.  

Mahesh then hiked 35 kilometers on his own until rescued by authorities on Friday night. He was exhausted and had suffer from painful legs, although he was generally in decent condition, according to officers.

According to Southern Region Acting Commander Kirsten Engels, “Mahesh traveled around 12km to a perimeter border and spent the next two days and two nights sleeping and travelling along that border post about 7km.”

“He was unexpectedly found by local residents who reconnected him with his town and relatives,” Acting Commander Engels further explained.

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Days Without Water in Northern Territory Outback

Mahesh subsequently aided airborne authorities’ investigation for Mr Emitja, who was located on Saturday night.

“They are incredibly lucky to survive,” Commander Engels continued, “since we all know how brutal it is outside.”

For what these guys went experienced, I can’t believe they had few visible injuries.”

“Police suspect the last time they had water was on Tuesday,” said Acting Commander Kirsten Engels.

They then broke off, according to police, for unclear reasons.

Officials encourage motorists to remain with their automobiles if they become trapped in the wilderness, since it provides some safe haven from the weather and is a bigger target for searching aircraft to discover, and they are recommended to bring food and at least four liters of water per day with them.

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