3 in 4 Americans Are Now Aware How Harmful and Real Climate Change is

About three-quarters of poll respondents believe global warming is occurring, and more than half feel we are now being damaged by climate change.

Pupils Strike For Climate Change

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More Americans are Recognizing Climate Change

Climate hazard

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More Americans than ever before recognize that global warming is real, damaging, and immediately impacts their communities.

In a nationally representative study of 1,006 American adults done by Yale University’s program on climate change communication, over three-quarters (76%) believe global warming is occurring, up from 57% in 2010. Meanwhile, 12% of people think that global warming is not happening.

“After a year marked by record-breaking heatwaves, fires, floods, and storms… According to Anthony Leiserowitz, head of Yale’s climate change communication program, “Americans are more convinced that global warming is genuine, human-caused, and hazardous – right here, right now.”

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Caused by Humans

According to the United Nations ‘ new climate report, humans are the “unequivocal” cause of climate change, and the opportunity to avert terrible living conditions globally due to global warming is fast closing.

However, according to Yale’s poll, only 60% of respondents believe that global warming is mainly caused by humans, improving from 46% in 2010. On the other hand, approximately a quarter (27%) believe that natural environmental changes mainly cause global warming.

It’s worth mentioning that the United States is firmly split on the issue of climate change. According to the Pew Research Center, 72 percent of Democrats believe human activity contributes “a considerable lot” to climate change, compared to only 22 percent of Republicans. Climate change affects their local neighborhood for most Democrats (83 percent) but fewer than half of Republicans (37 percent ).

The poor, Black, and Latinx populations are disproportionately exposed to climate change, including slower recovery following natural catastrophes.

More Americans than ever are concerned about global warming: 70% of those polled indicated they were “somewhat concerned,” with one-third (35%) saying they were “extremely concerned” – the highest number since these polls started.

Taking Charge

Students Walk Out Of School As Part Of Worldwide Youth Climate Strike

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In August, global scientists interviewed by HuffPost advised anyone concerned about the climate catastrophe to do one thing: act. Even while massive changes are required, such as initiatives by governments and companies to cut fossil fuel emissions, people may still make a difference.

“If you feel protected if you feel remote, it implies you’re not conscious of your vulnerabilities,” said Isabel Rivera-Collazo, an assistant professor at the University of California, San Diego. She specializes in human adaptation to climate change. “Climate change is posing such a serious threat to everyone.”

The importance of education in promoting climate action cannot be overstated. It enables individuals to comprehend and respond to the effects of the climate catastrophe by equipping them with the information, skills, values, and attitudes necessary to engage as change agents.

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