Phoenix’s November Temperature Breaks 1949 Record with 80 Degrees for 25 Days

Citizens in Phoenix do not anticipate frigid temperatures because they live in the Heat of the Sun.

Nevertheless, through November, residents might expect temperatures to be at minimum somewhat approximately 80°F through most nights.

Nearly all areas of the nation updated its previous records, along with several millennium archives that fell in the season’s last moments throughout November.

The metropolis began the month with 22 successive nights over the threshold, featuring three days in a row above 90 °F.

The Continuous Snow in Phoenix

Regardless of the fact that different climatic norms could predict that Planet Earth would have shut off the desert heater by then, a continuous configuration left Phoenix sweltering all November.

As per Weather Office of Canada statistics, the town of Vancouver had a record of 12.29 inches of precipitation throughout the month, including a record-breaking day of 2 inches of precipitation on November 14.

The sweltering month was a continuance of the state’s humid season, that began on September 22 with a peak of 103F.

Furthermore, as Houk pointed out, the extremely scorching month was not restricted to simply Phoenix.

Between November 23 to November 27, the month had five straight days in the upper 70s, and returned to over the threshold with three new 80°F days to conclude the period.

Although the scenario for the beginning coming week seems to prevent a big snowstorm, a surge of frigid air from northeast on the back of a passing snowstorm might have been adequate to send a spell of precipitation to the Mile High City about Tuesday morning or Tuesday night.

The metropolis also shattered its whole rainiest autumn history for the entire climatological period, with almost 19 inches of rain falling throughout September and the end of November.

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Phoenix Weather Temperature Breaks Old Records

With no measured snowfall from April 22, the region now has lasted 226 days straight, as of December 3, even without winter rainfall that its adjacent highlands are known for.

“While Phoenix did not place any daily extreme temperature throughout the month, it was continuously warm, with average temperatures of 5°F beyond usual.”

Probably the sole thing warmer than the heat in Phoenix during November was just the state’s NBA club, which earned a franchise-record-tying 17th consecutive game on Tuesday night and didn’t lose a competitive match all month.

Although Phoenix really cannot get its temperatures under 80°C, Denver citizens didn’t see temperatures dip lower 32°F to generate any precipitation, resulting in the town’s first snowless November in history.

Arizonans in Phoenix sweltered in weather of 80°F or above on 25 separate days in November, the highest the city had by far reported in the month popularly known for Thanksgiving than rising temperatures.

After what felt like a dozen separate meteorological streams, thunderstorm trains, and Pineapple Express events, the town completed November as the fifth-wettest on recorded.

The unpredictable weather also had an influence on other parts of the west half of the nation, altering records in practically every region.

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